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Thraxpat _ High Museum, Atlanta, GA. silicone, horse hair, magnets. 2002

"Thraxpat" the word, is a mixture of pathology and anthrax, my starting point. Thousands of hand-dyed, hand sculpted and sewn fluorescent, pink orbs, magnetically attached to the inside of the High Museum elevator. The High Museum's elevator is the artery of the building, as well as an enclosed space that traps the occupant when the doors close and when consumed with the pink orbs, they create an environment that consumes the rider both visually and physically - a metaphor for how we view contagious and deadly diseases. Over many months 30+ volunteers sewed horse hair into the individual pink silicone sculptures - during a series of sewing bees. Thraxpat offers a different kind of beauty, pink and pretty from a distance, a minimal painting with waves of colour, but close up they become weird and creepy, the materials overpower the visitor. Disease spreads, so too the visitors were able to take the objects home, acting as carriers, as the small sculptures as they migrated throughout the world.

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