blue river

Blue river _ Sticky tape, blue pigment, door frame Savannah, Georgia

This installatioin was part of a series of 3 based on the impact of science to and to our environment and body.

I use everyday materials to reference the idea, that materials we use daily make and impact our lives in very unobvious ways. I enjoy a materials flexibility and maleablility, of their anti-traditional sculptural content, their playfulness enmasse and their visual impact. The sticky tape is plastic, and the pigment: a chemical that decorates, can be blown away, absorbed and often toxic. The vast quantites of taped points carpet the door way, a sort of wall paper, or a minimal painting when viewed from a distance, yet become microscopic individual erect shapes.

A.Willcocks | migrant workers | turkey cups | thraxpat | pop_a_derm | sippappu | experimental