precocious puberty

Portable projections _ guerilla radio transmissions.

Walking around urban streets, I project video and sound on sidewalks, walls, inside malls and stores and billboards, essentially places of related importance, implicated spaces. Precocious Puberty, is the early onset of maturation. It is a disease that affects children as young as 4 and apparently no known cause – Why? Because of the language used, the culturally acceptability of early puberty or chemical toxicity? The findings were confusing, pointing at a mixture of  socio economics, gender bias, medical complacency and research funding dependenct on big Pharma, government and economics. By walking and projecting my Art in public / private places, I am creating an informed interactive space that can re-mediate, re-inform and activate alternate dialogues. Or simply situate the Art in a relevant spaces. The language of Words, New Media and the forming of Technology, create symbols and metaphors that influence and construct our everyday live,. And this performance is a refection on that.

A.Willcocks | interactive media | installation | sculpture | draw+paint | graphics