Pop_a_derm: chitlins, chewing gum, pearl pins. The Contemporary, Atlanta, GA. 18' x 35'

For 6 weeks I visited the African American markets in downtown Altlanta, Georgia, buying chitlins, taking back to my studio and drying them stretched on planks of wood (like parchment for a manuscript),and gluing them together with chewed wads of bubble gum. The wallpaper wrapped an entire wal, breathing with the humidity, a sort of new skin.

From a distance the wall was beautiful, close up it breathes and smells of dried animal insides. Chitlins, was the intestinal food left to slaves by their owners, today, they are a delicacy. Bubble gum is a generic sweet that sticks to everything. Pearl pins decorate and accessorize, kept off the the wall like dried insects in a museum.

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