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Chinatown to China decal

"From ChinaTown to China"   decal        6” x 80’    Nanjing, China   2006

Like a bow on a gift, this series of digitally created decals, wrapped the outside of an Art Gallery in Nanjing, China.
I drove and walked the streets and alleys of downtown and suburban Chinatown, Los Angeles documenting the process as I explored these immigrant communities. The images were digitally altered photographs of the alleys of Based loosely on my experience as an immigrant, American, I have relied on my fantasies of how I perceive my country since childhood. The decal is a contemporary documentation erased and redefined, like our memories do over time. The images are a metaphor that describes the Los Angeles, Chinese Community through a voyeuristic, individualistic, collective perceptive that visualizes the desires that define communities from the outside.


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