Walking around urban streets, images and sound are projected on sidewalks, walls, inside malls and stores, essentially places of related importance. Precocious Puberty, the early onset of maturation, is a disease that afflicts our children as young as 4 years old and we don't know why. My mobile projections with radio transmissiontakes Art to places that are relatively inaccessible or not normally Art worthy. By walking and projecting my Art in public / private places, I am creating an informed interactive space that can re-mediate, re-inform and activate alternate dialogues. Or simply situate the Art in a relevent space. The language of Words, New Media and the forming of Technology, create symbols and metaphors that influence and construct our everyday live, How can a child with a disease be precociously sick? My visual and sound investigations of language, highlights these imposed representations in language, media and technology. This performance specifically is relating to the disease Precocious Puberty - the early onset of puberty in young children - as young as 7 they are menstruating or fully matured at 8,9,10 years old Does thislack of attention to the problem depend on the childs race or gender, socio economic status or cultural acceptance of the problem or is it just an uneconomically viable disease to warrant attentioin?

guerilla sidewalk projections_ radio transmission

fatty food addiction _ chemical toxicity_precocious puberty